Professor Zhang Zhangjing’s Team from College of Chemistry and Materials Science of FNU Make Significant Progress in the Field of Ethylene/Ethane Separation in HOF2021-10-13 Professor Huang Hansheng Wins the First Prize of the Sixth National Education Sciences Research Outstanding Achievement Award 2021-10-10 The Confucius Institute at AUF Holds SPFL-Chinese Mandarin Teachers' Follow-through Training Program 2021-10-08 Major Progress Made in the Design and Application of High-throughput SERS Platform by Prof. Feng Shangyuan and Dr. Lin Duo’s Team from College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering of FNU2021-10-06 FNU Co-hosts the 8th Cross-strait Cultural Development Forum2021-09-22 FNU Achieves Excellent Results in the 7th Fujian College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition2021-09-21 FNU’s Participation in The Great Journey Receives Commendation from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2021-09-21 New Progress in TILs in Breast Cancer Made by Prof. Chen Jianxin and Dr. Li Lianhuang’s Team from College of Photonic and Electronic Engineering of FNU2021-09-04 The Papers of Prof. Li Jianping and Prof. Lu Baolin of FNU Selected among 100 Most Academically Influential Papers in China's Political Economy (2011-2020) 2021-09-04 FNU Co-hosts Symposium on Theoretical Frontiers and Academic Innovations of Research on Maritime Tourism in the New Era2021-09-01 FNU Co-hosts the 19th Straits Law Forum2021-09-01 International Forum on Collegiate Physical Education Building and Adapted Physical Education Development in the New Era Held at FNU2021-06-26 Unveiling Ceremony of Modern Chinese Poetry Research Center and Seminar on the Research Proposal of the Major Project of the NSSFC “Holistic Research on Modern Chinese Poetry” Held at FNU2021-06-26 FNU Holds the Commencement for the Class of 20212021-06-23